Take the guess work out of understanding channel value. Sextant leverages advanced mathematics and game theory to deliver critical performance insights that other attribution models cannot.

Using intuitive visualizations, Sextant enables a clear picture of:

The critical paths and touchpoints users make on the way to becoming a customer

The "credit" or value that should be assigned to each channel, at each point in the customer journey

The relationships and interactions between channels

The impact of “hold-out” tests, performed in a virtual environment without the real-world risk

Working with Wheelhouse DMG

Deciding when to add, remove, and change spending levels for marketing channels is a difficult and oftentimes complex problem. Sextant’s multiple, highly sophisticated attribution models allow our expert Data Science team to offer clarity and insight into the channel-by-channel performance of even the most complicated marketing mixes.

We always begin by identifying the key objectives and challenges to ensure alignment in the data strategy.

We then verify the required data is available and accurate, suggesting or implementing improvements as needed.


Our data scientists use Sextant to carefully analyze client data and attribution outcomes to select, tune, and refine the attribution model that is most accurate, valuable, and impactful for your business.


The developed model can be applied on an ongoing basis to produce reporting and further analysis as needed.

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