Stop worrying about the accuracy of your marketing data and critical user flows with 24/7 automated anomaly detection backed by expert engineers for seamless resolution.

Sonar provides automated monitoring and resolution related to:

Analytics Integrity

Avoid costly gaps in performance data by consistently ensuring that every element of your analytics ecosystem remains active, functional, and intact

Immediately identify and alert your advertising team of critical tracking and performance reporting issues

Provide critical support for GDPR, CCPA, and other emerging privacy regulations by creating and maintaining a complete inventory of all pixels, cookies, tags, and scripts present on your website

User Flow Integrity

Actively monitor site functionality to ensure the integrity of critical user flows

Conversion Path Verification

Monitor ecommerce checkout processes to proactively identify and resolve any issues that prevent customers from completing a transaction

Ensure technical glitches don’t impede lead generation and revenue by actively monitoring critical conversion paths

Conversion Path Monitoring can be used for:

  • Checkout funnels
  • Lead generation flows
  • Subscription processes
  • Appointment setting functionality

With Sonar, you can relax in the confidence that the user flows, conversion paths, and analytics elements on which your business relies are working properly

Working with Wheelhouse DMG

Sonar can detect and alert recipients of virtually any anomaly in an online environment. So, our analysts will work with you to identify the critical data and user journeys that require monitoring, as well as establish the frequency and resolution approach. Our engineers will design, deploy, and maintain bespoke tests to cover each of the identified monitoring cases.

When an issue is identified, our team of experienced engineers can work to Service Level Agreements to proactively fix any identified issues, or simply send notifications for issues that don’t require urgent resolution or external assistance.

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