Achieve clarity and insight for marketing performance reporting, analysis, and decision-making with Compass.

Unifying touchpoints

Finally understand the entire customer journey by unifying data cross your disparate marketing and sales data ecosystems.


Integrate first-party, CRM, ecommerce, and offline marketing data to create a complete view of your marketing activities, and definitively understand ROI for all marketing channels and campaigns.


Surface novel insights and discover unseen opportunities through bespoke data visualizations and reports.

Working with Wheelhouse DMG

Compass is developed, deployed, and utilized by our team of engineers, analysts, and scientists to create a collaborative and complete solution to driving marketing decisions and performance.


Align data strategy with marketing objectives

Assess the quality and completeness of existing data, and fix key issues before they distort performance

Make connections to all data sources, channels, and platforms

Integrate offline data (e.g. television, radio)

Harmonize data to create a master record and ensure information from disparate sources can be analyzed in a consistent manner


Build and maintain lightning-fast interactive dashboards to answer key marketing questions

Develop statistical models to understand and predict customer behavior

Drive critical decisions with expert data analytics

Share the impact and value of data-driven marketing

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Wheelhouse DMG is a technology enabled digital marketing agency. We develop and execute digital strategies that deliver exceptional business performance by working in close partnership with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their businesses and then use data science, our team’s deep expertise and our own technology to surface and deliver on the most valuable opportunities for our clients – whatever they may be.


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